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Bespoke Web Presence

AHA Web Designs produce websites that are designed to meet your specific requirements. We don’t believe in a “one product fits all” approach and we won’t push you into a particular direction, we simply discuss YOUR needs then create YOUR product. MORE...

Whether you need an ecommerce sites, a site that will allow you to communicate with your customers more effectively or you simply need to update your existing site to make full use of the latest web technologies, we are here to help. Our client base isn’t limited to online shopping, we cater for the public private and voluntary sectors so whatever type of organisation you have, we have the experience to develop a solution for you.

So how does the process work?

We begin by identifying your needs, then we produce and agree a design brief before producing a draft style. Once you are happy, we complete the following steps to make the site internet ready:

  • Producing the style sheets and site layout
  • Developing animated elements
  • Developing the navigation system
  • Developing the content management system
  • Adding initial content to the database
  • Linking content to the pages
  • Developing interactive elements
  • Testing the CMS
  • Testing the external site
  • Building a social media presence
  • Launching the site

Our sites aren’t just slick and flashy, they are designed to be robust and dependable. We have a highly qualified Microsoft Certified Server Engineer who keeps our web applications running and secure. We constantly maintain are servers so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Furthermore, we offer you full support should you ever require help keeping your application up to date.

We also provide, free of charge, a range of video tutorials to help you make the most of your website. These are produced for your product and will clearly demonstrate how to upload images and content, manage mailing lists, manage stock and deal with orders. These videos are not generic, they are produced using your site so that you can see exactly what to do in the CMS of your product!

Our products are designed to fit your needs like a glove. We don't do run of the mill, we only do bespoke and we do it well!

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business on 01409 231842 or 07833941924

Dynamic Development

Putting You in Control

AHA Web Designs are committed to giving their clients complete control over their web applications. We create digital products where clients can add, edit and amend their information whenever they want. We put the site owner in full control. -*MORE...

We create ecommerce sites, communication management systems, fully bespoke and dynamic websites for business, public and the voluntary sectors. We deal with and keep your site up to date with the Data Protection Act and the latest Web Standards and, unlike DIY online web builders, we will create exactly what you want, hosting and managing it for you leaving you free to add the information you need to attract your clients.

But what are the benefits to this?

We make it easy for you to add data that is rich and remains up to date. This should speak for itself but let’s examine the benefits in more detail.

  • Never rely on a third party to complete a task
  • Alter prices on the fly
  • Add new products whenever you wish
  • Add or remove offers whenever you want
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Add news and information daily, hourly or second by second if you wish
  • Link content to social media for enhanced effects
  • Monitor and track what your visitors are looking at and make changes to focus on their interests

Massive and successful sites such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook have become very successful because they are data rich and updated on a moment by moment basis. They rely on their applications as this is the mainstay of their business and AHA Web Design aim to develop sites that allow you the same level of control over the sites they develop for you.

So, how does this work? Essentially, we develop the stylish website that looks out like a shop window on the internet however, on the inside you access to a full content management system that gives you the ability to add whatever you want to that window, change prices and alter signs and offers when you wish to. The sites we develop are designed to be extremely easy to use in fact you can add images and text just like you can in Facebook for example. The site allows your visitors to share information on a range of social media platforms or buy your products, if applicable, in fact it is so bespoke, that it will do whatever you wish.

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business on 01409 231842 or 07833941924


Innovations & Creativity

AHA Web Designs create dynamic digital content because that is what their clients need. In this ever changing instant world internet users are looking for everything to be up to date and following trends. End users want to see fresh and exciting content MORE...

when they revisit your website and they are often put off when your site is bland and out of date.

We provide you with the software to make updates to your site as easy as adding a post on Facebook. We give you the freedom to manage your site form anywhere and on any device so that you can give your visitors fresh and exciting content, products or information every time they visit.

So what exactly does “dynamic” mean?

Well, the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as: “(of a process or system) characterised by constant change, activity, or progress.” and relating to the modern day internet it defines it as “Denoting or relating to web pages that update frequently or are generated according to an individual's search terms.” Therefore, we provide you with a fully dynamic web application that can be constantly changed, will allow you to progress, that denotes energy and activity. In short, we will produce a product for your that can be updated frequently and easily.

Dynamic websites allow you to:

  • Change content whenever you wish
  • Delete products or services you no longer need
  • Allow your clients to interact with you instantly
  • Seamlessly interact with social media
  • Add special products or offers to suit the time of the year
  • Keep a blog that will encourage users to come back
  • Manage email marketing campaigns
  • Securely maintain a customer database
  • Securely maintain an appointments bookings system
  • Manage a restaurant booking system
  • Manage and maintain a restaurant menu system
  • Manage a holiday letting booking system

The possibilities are endless, we are able to produce whatever you want, whatever you need and whatever will help take your business to the next level. There are such huge advantages to a dynamic web application over a static website. With a static site you have to ask for a developer to make the changes for you and this can take so long that by the time they have completed the update the moment has passed and you have lost business as a result!

Let us develop a web application for you that will help keep you visitors informed and up to date, that identifies your business as being truly dynamic and forward thinking!

Contact us now to find out how we can help your business on 01409 231842 or 07833941924

Happy Clients
We are a Digital Solutions Provider

AHA Web Design is a digital solutions provider that can accommodate all of your design, development, and branding needs. We build on the success that you have achieved so far with your business and help you take it to the next level. We identify your needs, create a bespoke digital solution for you and help you move into a digital world.

Meet Our Team


Web Design

AHA Web Design offers web design and development services at affordable rates for businesses.

Social Marketing

Our social marketing services are focused on putting your company in a better position on the Web.


Let us create a one-of-a-kind brand identity for your company to drive positive experiences.


Let our illustrator transform your company image, logo and print to reestablish your self in an ever changing marketplace.

Industry-leading creative thinking

We cater for businesses who want to be able to take control of their website. We create high end, stylish and fully optimised web applications that work on any platform whilst giving you the ability to manage all the content yourself whenever, and wherever you want. Your site will be completely bespoke, up to date and easy to use for you and your end users!

Digital branding & online marketing services

We provide branding & marketing services mostly as digital solutions to match the reality of web design, development & branding. Our clients' trust proves that we chose the right path when we began to offer these services.

Corperate image and full illustrative services

AHA Web Design have a highly qualified and skilled illustrator who is able to take your ideas and produce what ever you want whether it’s a new logo to a complete house style we can help. AHA Web Design can also produce book illustrations, book covers and album covers perfectly prepared for printing and publishing services.

Understanding your brief

Every project we work on starts with an in depth discussion with our client to find out what their design brief is.

Website Design & Development

During the second stage, we design & develop your future website, taking your considerations into account.

Social Marketing

The final stage of our work is testing. We test everything to ensure that everything works perfectly everytime just as your user expects.

25 March 2018Creative Director

Andy is the creative director of AHA Web Design. He is responsible for creating the web environment and developing the application infrastructure.

20 March 2018Director of Illustration

With a first class honours degree in Illustration, Alicia is responsible for all aspects of illustration in AHA Web Design and is the lead in design thinking.

15 March 2018Support Director

Gavin keeps us running, MCSE qualified he manages the server infrastructure and ensures that your web application is always active on the internet.

15 March 2018Editing Director

Dianne ensures that all of the products that we launch are gramatically correct before going live. She edits content to ensure that it is concise and professional.

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